Sourire Jolie

From my heart to yours



The Color Green

The color green
the shirt you wore the day you said hello
My response was a grin
Your smile turned my insides to jello

The color green
The wall you slammed my head into
Something you said you didn’t mean
But I should not have talked back at you

The color green
A symbol of growth, fertility
All I dropped at your feet
Spinning gold from your futility

The color green
The color of your face
A scowl where a smile should have been
Your heart, envy’s place

The color green, not just a color to me
But the symbol of my pain


You Give Me Life

You are my fertile ground

Your kind heart nurtured me

Received me into your depths

Hidden away by a thousand rocks

The deeper I plunged, the stronger I became

I will bear fruit

Because of you

To Be An Old Maid


When? when?

The marriage song

From mother though now gone

To sisters, brows creased in worry
Tick tock

My biological clock

The one only they seem to hear

It drowns out every other sound
Hurray Hurray

My name on the radio, My plaque on the wall

But my biological clock overshadows it all

I may be queen of the world, but I’m still an old maid

Le Bonheur

‪Nous ne trouve pas vrais satisfaction ‬

‪ou le bonheur dans la vie ‬

‪sans les obstacles pour conquerir de le ‬

‪et les buts pour atteindre‬

Shout It

When you say you love me

Your lips tell the story

Of forever, eternity

But you’re eyes dart about

Confused and afraid 

Your quiet whispers freeze my heart

I crave the warmth of Public proclamation

Dear closet lover

It’s time to tell it all


Steel knife of hate 

Plunged deep into my heart

Your death wish for me fulfilled 
Careless words, misguided emotions

Your weapons of mass destruction 

Leaving us on the brink of obliteration
I have no fear, nothing further to lose

Except this one wish,

Please say you love me again

Doyenne Detricus 2

Once was love and happiness 
My kingdom’s virtues 

Though ruins forged the fortress

Holding them enclosed in my heart
My downward spiral 

Quiet pleas and wars could not stop

With a king on self exile

My kingdom was for taking
Taken by the knight 

who rode by at nights darkest hour

Now the wars rage within my walls

For the winner takes it all


Last night I slept deep

Visions of you beckoned

to a happy place

Where our hearts beat as one

And With entwined hands we conquered
I wonder how long I need to sleep

for my dreams to trade place with reality

For what use is this reality

If I can’t call you mine 


Murder Ballad

In a pool of my blood
Steel knife to my heart 

dying breath committed to calling out your name

Call it folly

But I chose to die by your hand again

If it means I can feel your lips just once


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