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The internet never forgets.

Pay close attention to what you put up on your social media channels; view your accounts as representation of your brand. Nigeria needs social change if we are to achieve development and we need to drive this social change by our internet activities.



Do not be afraid to start small

Businesses do not usually start big; most times you start out with something small and watch it grow over time through smart work and dedication. Stop waiting for that big idea to come and start out with that seemingly small one you have, you will be surprised what you can achieve if you set your heart to it. Dream big, start small!



Invest In yourself

There is no bigger business venture than you.You must be willing to invest in yourself in order to reap future dividends. Attend training, take online courses, Read! Read! Read! Whatever you do, do not stop learning!



Decide who you want to be

It’s up to you and only you! Do not let anyone label you or put you in a box, decide by yourself who and what you are. Define your principles and values early enough and maintain them. Be sure of what you want to do and do not be easily swayed by public opinion. Remember that you are a brand and you should treat yourself that way.



Work thoroughly on your product

The more you panel beat your idea, the better it is. Before you start a business, conduct thorough research among your potential market and use data gathered to improve your product. The process of idealization lasts through out the life time of your product so never stop working on your product – keep reviewing and updating it continuously.