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Two girls, A guy & The platter: Missing drinks and Missing Boyfriends


Eff is giving us a treat today by taking us to his office’s recreational club and he would not stop bragging about how awesome his office is. Its Sunday, we’re always in the mood for Brunch today and if it’s buffet, all the better!

I usually do not like to order the Chapman because people hardly get it right but with no other cocktail on the menu, I had no choice….. one Chapman for me, one chapman for Kay and water for Eff.

3 Eff got his water while we waited and waited for our Chapman’s to arrive; with how long it was taking you would think the ingredients were just being imported. We finally got tired of waiting and decided to hit the buffet stand, filling our plates to compensate for the long Chapman wait…. For me it was anything but rice; I was feeling adventurous and not in the mood for rice so I had baked potatoes and vegetable salad and so did Kay but of course boring Eff stuck to basic rice.


My love life seems to have been coming up in conversations a lot lately so it was not all that surprising when our marriage conversation veered towards me, well my exes actually but still about me right? You know how you are dating someone and you all are talking about marriage, counting how many kids you want to have, girls be scribbling ‘Mrs ……’ on notebooks, I would have said what guys do but I have no idea. Talking with Kay and Eff about all the exes we had discussed marriage with made me realize how fleeting romance is and how fast we can change. Eff had no stories to tell, while Kay had one, for me I had four…. four different stories of love lost, four times I had dreamt up my fairy tale wedding and four times I had gotten my heart broken. Well three and half if I’m to be frank because the fourth time I walked away and stopped hurting. Kay wanted to know about the longest, the longest was 3 years, 3 years of laughter, warnings from friends, sacrifice and cheating rumors only to come to an abrupt end like when someone cuts the power and the lights go out – there was no flickering, no gradual fade, it was just one moment he was here and the next moment….. POOF!


I think the restaurant got the heartbreak memo, because one hour, two ‘its almost ready’s and half a meal after we ordered our drinks, the waiter shows up to let us know Chapman was unavailable. And so it was that we ate the rest of our meal in gloom, wallowing in the heart break….. thank God there was cake, else it would have been rather sad brunch.



And so it was that once again, food saved the day…… well cake actually, but same difference




Two girls, A guy & The platter: Aphrodisiacs and Abstinence

The venue for this particular ‘food gang’ (as we like to call ourselves) meet up was 12:11, a cosy restaurant in the New G.R.A area of Port Harcourt. It was our first meet up in a while because Kay had been away working on becoming a Doctor and we are a faithful threesome. It was also our first meet up since I started taking my blogging seriously and they were such darlings helping me with photos for my foodie chronicles, actually Kay helped while Eff focused on hounding me the minute I arrived, talking about how I looked disheveled in a ‘just had sex’ kind of way….LOL! It was a really sexually charged day for him because he had apparently just donated two pints of blood and had been instructed not to engage in coitus.


I was late, as usual but Kay and Eff were nice enough to not order till I got there. 12:11 is a really nice restaurant, the ambiance was stellar….  I actually did not take any pictures of the place because we are not here to talk about them except for this one picture of the wall which I could not resist.


I read somewhere that the average male thinks of sex 19 times a day, imagine thinking of it that many times and having to abstain not because you want to but because someone says you can’t. I don’t think I have to explain to you how the human mind works when it comes to forbidden fruits, lets just say everything was sexual to him and I felt pity for him and tried to be nice but I’m simply a terrible person so it was hard!

I guess I should have warned him when he ordered a dish with sea food and chili (because aphrodisiacs) but I just let it slide and enjoyed the show…. guess I didn’t try hard enough to be nice.

Eff’s order : Combination Jollof rice + Pork chops

Kay and I had the Wild forest rice and joked about Cabbage being the forest in ‘wild forest rice’ because I swore there was more cabbage than rice in my plate.

Kay’s order: Wild Forest rice + Combination meat sauce

I guess you could say it was a combination day and I’m not referring to just our choice of food but also the day’s conversation which was a  combination of Eff’s sex and relationship situation, with Kay’s medical journey and my blog….. talk about a balanced diet!

DSC_0963 (2).jpg
My order: Wild forest rice + Combination platter

Oh and I must mention that I had the best order, the combination platter was aaaaaawesome! both in size and taste (yes! size does matter *wink*) and it had them both picking off my plate

Combination platter: Beef fillet steak, Grilled chicken, Grilled prawns, French fries and Vegetable Salad

Indulgence: Oreo-Peanut butter Cupcake


Over the weekend I stuffed myself with this chocolate goodness I got from Craves by Evaspicey. I bought for myself a box of six Ore-Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes for N1800 and to be honest, these cupcakes were not like anything I’ve ever had before….. 10 points to them for creativity!


The cupcake had in it oreo cookies lined with peanut butter, all it took was one bite for me to be in love.

You bet I’ve found my permanent cupcake flavour


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