Sourire Jolie

From my heart to yours





She is a story waiting to be read, to be explored in exaltation, inch by inch, chapter by chapter. She beckons for you to lose yourself in her depths, enveloped by her warmth. You can watch her blossom; like a lotus in full bloom, she lays… open beautiful perfection, your paradise.

Every curve is a mystery for you to solve, every line, every scar waiting to be investigated. Her eyes, such twinkling stars devour you with their heat, they burn, set you on fire in so many unfathomable ways, a fire only her springs can quench.

Her lips whisper, such sweet symphony to your eager ears, “What are you waiting for?”


My Prayers

Let my smile open the closed ice gates of your heart

Let love flow from my heart to yours

and let my touch heal your crushed soul


If you looked deep enough into my eyes

you ‘ll find pieces missing from you

and pieces of me broken by you



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