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36 is a Forum, a collaboration lab, innovation hub and business incubator for Nigerian Technology Entrepreneurs. It is a space where technological ideas impacting the future of Africa will be nurtured. We will aim at engaging youth in the 36 states in Nigeria to Think together, Solve issues in our country and Evolve. The 36 Forum will provide techies and entrepreneurs with a much needed opportunity to network and get their ideas off the ground. The 36 Forum will fulfill a genuine need in Rivers state and beyond.

On Thursday 12th October, 2017 the maiden edition of the 36 Forum held. A couple of weeks before that I had become a part of the movement. I am generally a lover of all things ‘development’ and so when my cousin explained the concept to me, I was so in. The opportunity to be part of the growth of individuals was something I could not resist and I honestly loved every moment of it, except for the fact that I got involved a bit late and could not shake the feeling of not having any real impact. Nevertheless, I put my back into it and I’m happy I did.

The forum was fantastic, I usually hate entrepreneurial summits, youth empowerment summits and all similar summits where they try to ‘motivate’ you to change our life because I always feel like the speakers are just stringing together a bunch of words they read would do the trick without there being any depth to it. Its always the same story with everyone and I’m usually lost in my mind by the end of the first hour but this time was different, and I’m not just saying that because I was a part of it. I actually got to a point of reflection and was indeed motivated.



I feel like I really connected with one particular speaker, Jennifer Eneanya – she was so effortless in her speaking and her story was pretty much mine. You know how you hear someone speak and you can totally relate, like what they say does not just hit close to home, it actually walks straight through the front door – that was exactly how I felt.WhatsApp Image 2017-10-14 at 1.35.03 PM

Needless to say it was information packed; I learnt quite a lot from the inspiring stories of the speakers and I really do hope other participants went home with something as well.







Port Harcourt lacks a focus on collective development and advancement of society; everyone is carried away with unnecessary sentiments and partisan behavior. The average youth is looking for hand me downs and will not participate in activities not money related even when they can help self development. To grow as a community, we must set these aside and look inward for sustainable societal development solutions.