My sister recruited me as a photographer and event planner for her friend’s bridal shower, not like that was anything new as we tend to do that a lot – turning ourselves into Pro-Bono event planners. However, when she said it was a Great Gatsby theme I was more skeptical than excited because I was worried about how we would get the needed materials for decorating.


It’s actually funny how we pulled it off, my sister made us head bands, we rallied every shiny dress we could find, every black and gold living room ornament became a decor prop and voila! we were ready to party like Great Gatsby. It really was a fun night; THERE WAS SMALL CHOPS and COCKTAILS, plus I actually picked up a few tips on marriage.


Here are five things I learnt about Marriage


Basically, I’ve added decorator and event planner to my CV  – them millions must be made LOL