I recently made a resolution to attend more events and basically just explore Port Harcourt  in order to make best of this town rather than run away to Abuja or Lagos. So, when I stumbled upon the flyer for the Port Harcourt Fashion Summit organized by Fashon City I made sure I would attend. Well, another reason I made that decision was because Mai Atafo was going to be there.


Mai was a no show and they played some bogus video message from him which had me thinking that there was never a plan for him to show and it was all just a publicity gimmick but hey! what do I know. The turn out was good, I got to meet several Port Harcourt models, designers and retailers at the fashion hang out which held at this really nice roof top bar the night before the summit. My favorite part of the event was how it restored my faith in the fashion scene of Port Harcourt. The event was actually designed for fashion entrepreneurs, and as a fashion enthusiast, I learnt a whole lot:

Five Tips for Fashion Entrepreneurs


I did not like the fact that there were no blogger actively involved in the process but then I realize bloggers are yet to make a mark in this town and I really look forward to a time when we finally do.