All my life I’ve known pink to symbolize femininity, you know the girl – pink / boy – blue cliche which so many have lived by, except the few rebels like me *hehehe*. I recently found out itĀ also symbolizes hope, and we all know we need hope to survive the hustle and bustle of the city.


Putting together these outfits, I realized I do not own any pink item of clothing, if you knew me between 2008 and 2013 you would know how much of a shocking realization this is. Anyway, let me not digress too much and focus on the clothes – the editorial shows style in the city for two types of females: The playful/ fun loving/ bubbly one and The more serious / business minded /mature one because in the city you usually find those there for fun and those there for business.



I selected these outfits because i wanted to channel the sensuality and passion of the color pink, choosing to accessorize with black was mainly to lean away from the innocence the color pink portrays (because looking innocent in the city spells disaster) and to give it more power and a bit of fierceness.


Five things I learnt about the color pink


So if you’re looking to get noticed, pink should be on your color choices… not too much though, I read it causes physical weakness *eyes rolling* but who cares I guess, throw on some pink, embrace its aura and walk in confidence.