The venue for this particular ‘food gang’ (as we like to call ourselves) meet up was 12:11, a cosy restaurant in the New G.R.A area of Port Harcourt. It was our first meet up in a while because Kay had been away working on becoming a Doctor and we are a faithful threesome. It was also our first meet up since I started taking my blogging seriously and they were such darlings helping me with photos for my foodie chronicles, actually Kay helped while Eff focused on hounding me the minute I arrived, talking about how I looked disheveled in a ‘just had sex’ kind of way….LOL! It was a really sexually charged day for him because he had apparently just donated two pints of blood and had been instructed not to engage in coitus.


I was late, as usual but Kay and Eff were nice enough to not order till I got there. 12:11 is a really nice restaurant, the ambiance was stellar….  I actually did not take any pictures of the place because we are not here to talk about them except for this one picture of the wall which I could not resist.


I read somewhere that the average male thinks of sex 19 times a day, imagine thinking of it that many times and having to abstain not because you want to but because someone says you can’t. I don’t think I have to explain to you how the human mind works when it comes to forbidden fruits, lets just say everything was sexual to him and I felt pity for him and tried to be nice but I’m simply a terrible person so it was hard!

I guess I should have warned him when he ordered a dish with sea food and chili (because aphrodisiacs) but I just let it slide and enjoyed the show…. guess I didn’t try hard enough to be nice.

Eff’s order : Combination Jollof rice + Pork chops

Kay and I had the Wild forest rice and joked about Cabbage being the forest in ‘wild forest rice’ because I swore there was more cabbage than rice in my plate.

Kay’s order: Wild Forest rice + Combination meat sauce

I guess you could say it was a combination day and I’m not referring to just our choice of food but also the day’s conversation which was a  combination of Eff’s sex and relationship situation, with Kay’s medical journey and my blog….. talk about a balanced diet!

DSC_0963 (2).jpg
My order: Wild forest rice + Combination platter

Oh and I must mention that I had the best order, the combination platter was aaaaaawesome! both in size and taste (yes! size does matter *wink*) and it had them both picking off my plate

Combination platter: Beef fillet steak, Grilled chicken, Grilled prawns, French fries and Vegetable Salad