Castle view JPG

I kept seeing pictures of this beautiful castle and to be honest, I had a hard time believing it was in Nigeria till I did some major research.

Kajuru castle located in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state was built in early medieval style by a German expatriate in 1978. I totally see myself doing that, I mean who wouldn’t want a beautiful castle standing on a rock and surrounded by miles of gorgeous rocky plain. Talk about my Queenly fantasies fulfilled *wink*


Kajuru castle easily topped my list of places to visit, I am quite the adventurer so its a lengthy list but I also do not have a fat wallet so the top places are Nigerian locations, Duh!! You can imagine my excitement when i found a tour leaving from Abuja at a time when I would be in Abuja, “Thank You, God!”. So backpack and camera at hand I was ready to be awed!


We left from the Idu train station, Abuja, lovely station and trains by the way. It was a group tour and I was the only one who had come alone, armed with my ‘Woman Next Door’ by Yewande Omotosho and my iPod (of course) in anticipation of a lonely train ride but it turned out completely different from my expectations. The group selfies started right there at Idu station, within five minutes of arrival I had met over five beautiful people and by the time we arrived at Rigasa station in Kaduna after the 2.5 hour train ride, it was already a party.


The castle was an exciting and laughter filled 45 minute bus ride from Rigasa station.The first glimpse the castle completely took my breath away and literally did when we made the walk up to the gates.


I don’t know about you but I have never seen a castle and the only reference point I have is movies and this totally met and exceeded my expectations. I just kept clicking away with my little camera and taking as many pictures as I could, I was in paradise.



The hike up the surrounding mountains was probably my favorite part of the visit.


I am usually a lover of nature and basically just being outdoors so I had a field day climbing to the top of the hill and just enjoying the scenery.


Then of course I spontaneously became the group photographer, taking beautiful photos of people as opposed to the boring ones they would have gotten (allow me to bask in my amazing raw gift)

20170715_115153 (2).JPG


You already know the trip wouldn’t have been complete without a dip in the pool.


It really was a good outing and I returned to Abuja completely exhausted. I totally encourage you to make the trip. Only regret I have was not spending the night, unfortunately the rooms were already sold out. The castle has only 6 rooms and it costs N 310 00 to book the entire castle for a night, N 570 000 for an entire weekend so gather up your friends and make it a party!


Things you need for the trip

  1. Food and Drinks!!!! they do not have those available so carry as much as you need, unless you are up for random trips to the town or you can survive on suya and pool water LOL (there is a suya man by the pool)
  2. Sunglasses and Hat
  3. Hiking shoes
  4. Swimwear (flotation device if you need)
  5. Camera
  6. Games
  7. Anything else you require to have fun