I’m currently in the middle of a wardrobe change, out with the old and in with the new. This ‘project’ has been eating up a large chunk of my earnings for the past 6 months (not that I’m complaining).


I’m a chronic shopaholic and like every other shopaholic out there, I have a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ but that’s pretty much all that my clothes were….. STUFF! I still found myself running to my sisters closet every time I had a function or a nice date even though i had an over-flowing closet and an over loaded 50 pair shoe rack.


Last year I decided to take practical steps to ensure my wardrobe has everything I need. Note that I said ‘need’ and not want because I really could never have everything I want but I was pretty convinced i could pick out my wardrobe pieces in such a way that it met my needs. Fortunately, the heavens smiled on me and I found an easy way to shop, putting me on this oh so awesome journey to discovering my style identity.


I’m honestly not one of those people that have one word for their style, i always need more than one sentence. The closest I am to defining my style was this quiz  i took which defined my style as: ” chic and modern without being overdone. You follow the latest trends but don’t let them dictate what you wear. “

Take the quiz here

In the last year, I’ve really connected with my inner fashion goddess and found some consistency in my style choices, I’ve also come to terms with what I like without caring if its currently trending. I’ve always believed fashion is art and recently I am beginning to see an artistic side to the outfits I put together.

Oh an learning photography has also helped me put things into perspective; I no longer ogle pictures of fashion bloggers wondering what I’m doing wrong as I now know the photography is just as important as the outfit choice.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my style choices.