I’m just a girl

Trying to make it out of the pain

Swimming against the tide

Hoping I don’t drown


I tried it your way

I polished my skin

Shrunk my personality

Covered my glory

I crave to be free

But am I strong enough to break free

I fear rejection

So I hide in the crowd

Painting over my difference till sameness is achieved


I’m just a girl

I desire to be loved

Looked upon with reverence

Hungered and panted after


I tried it my way

Screamed from the rooftops for the world to hear

My beauty captured in a way they could see

Took a turn off the general path

Wore my difference like a badge

I fear Oblivion

So I searched for the next big thing

Choosing the path to fame over happiness


I’m just a girl

Naked before you

Hoping to be seen

Waiting to hear the crowd cheer


I have no other way to try it

There is no right path

I have only one goal

I’ll help me pick up my pieces

Forgetting to fear and remembering

To find myself along the way

I’m just a girl who wants to be happy