I will run to You always

Where You are is my delight


With my hands will I worship You

My feet will kneel before Thee

I will lift up my voice in praise of You

All that I have I give to You

I owe it to You

I will bless You with my substance

With the works of my hands I adore You


I take delight in my service of You

For I know this is Your pleasure

Indeed it is to You sweet savour


My heart leaps for joy at Your presence

My soul delights in pruning thine vineyard

I live for You…..to serve You

And worship at Your feet

You have placed upon me crown jewels

And caused my feet to work in dunamis

With Your holy anointing my spirit is revived

I have found rest


I would rather be a servant in Your house

Than a king among men

For I know that as Your loyal servant

I reign higher than kings can imagine