I’m lost in a dream

My mind cannot comprehend

Feels like I’m in too deep

Do I need to find a way back?


But this is real, isn’t it?

My heart cannot understand

My heart bleeds thinking about you

My heart leaps thinking you


I don’t know how to walk in a meadow

I miss the feel of burning coal beneath my bare feet

I cannot smile, I yearn to shed a tear

Please don’t make me laugh


My heart cannot take it

I’m floating beyond the clouds

I’m bursting with joy

Could I be happy?


I dread the day I would wake with you gone

Are you going to leave?

Don’t wait for tomorrow

Today is always better


I am afraid

I don’t know how to love

I can’t feel this way

It’s too much


There are butterflies in my stomach

A glimmer in my eyes

You make me shine

You make me dance


I don’t understand the symphony

How can I dance when my feet only know their shackles?

Is this a trick?

Would I fall again if I try to move


I fear believing would be handing my heart over for torment

I fear happiness

Happiness is doom, a trap, a facade

A fleeting emotion, followed always by tragedy


I fear you

The way you make my heart bubble

The way you make my skin tingle

The way you dry my tears and make them flow again



(Originally written 11th March, 2015)