The streets should be my home

Why live in a mansion with no one to hold

Cold stone won’t comfort me

But that little homeless girl in the corner might


If I tell her my story, she’ll understand

We are thesame

Standing alone

Maybe we could stand together


Strip me of all these jewels

They are worth nothing where I’m going

Or perhaps I could trade them at the corner for some love

Buy me a father, buy me a mother, buy me a sister, buy me a lover


Hey stranger, if I gave you a gold bar

Would you walk around with me and tell me stories?

Would you tell everyone how much I mean to you?

Would you share my little corner underneath the bridge?


I wonder if they’ll look out for me underneath the bridge,

Would they defend me against the young terrorist

Stand up for me and never relent

Hide me in the shadows till it’s safe to come out


It won’t matter anyway

Anywhere is better than here

For a palace is no place 

for a little orphan girl like me

(Originally written 29th August, 2015)